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The Indian Maharadja Gravity 40 (2020)

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SEASON 2020-2021
BOW / CURVE 24 mm mid bow
GRIP extreme cushion grip
MATERIAL carbon 40, backhand protection
FINISH semi matte coating
BOW / CURVE (MM) 24 mm
BOW / CURVE (LOC) mid bow – 30 cm
COLOUR black / coral red
CORE / PROTECTION LEVEL 2-core technology



The Indian Maharadja Gravity 40 (2020)

The Gravity range midbow sticks with their unique and timeless design are a fixed value in the collection. First-class stick with balanced stick handling for both all-round game play and the experienced player. Perfect bow shape for a combination of stability, control, speed and pure power.

midbow: 24 mm curve @ 300 mm – micro head – slim tip – high-quality carbon 40 – backhand protection carbon and aramid – extreme cushion grip

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